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Upon registration with bet365, bettors will receive a 100% bet365 welcome offer to wager on the huge variety of global sports and wide range of betting options bet365 has to offer. Deposit an initial amount between a minimum of £10 and a maximum of £200 and the bet365 bonus will match your deposit 100%! Deposit £10 and you’ll get another £10 from bet365 on top.

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Deposit £200 and – yes, you guessed it! – get another £200 to play with. That’s the good part, but the next part is even better. If you sign up via your mobile phone, you get another £50! Certain terms and conditions apply to how you can use this money to place bets, but they are all sensible, reasonable and laid out in plain English. Some specific wager requirements also need to be fulfilled before any money won can be withdrawn, but these are also straightforward and fair.

This bet365 bonus code 2016 is, it must be stressed, an offer that is open only to new bet365 customers. New customers are reminded to quote the bet365 bonus code 2016 MAXBETS in the relevant fields when applying. This bet365 bonus code gives you loads more to play with while enjoying the wide world of sports betting that is bet365!


Signing up is easy! You will, of course, need to enter all of the necessary personal information in order to open an account and become a registered member of bet365 before you can start exploring the huge variety of sports, markets and the bet365 casino games. You will also need to choose your own private username and password. This information should naturally be kept secure at all times.

It is here that you will need to remember to input the bet365 bonus code. This is also where you can select from a wide range of banking methods in order to make your initial deposit into your new bet365 account. You will then be sent a ten digit bet365 deposit code, which will allow you to activate your 100% deposit match. When all this is completed, the MAXBETS bet365 bonus code UK will match your deposit 100% – a £10 deposit will mean that the bet365 bonus code will give you another £10 to play with. Note that this 100% bonus is valid only up to an initial deposit of £200.

Joining bet365 couldn’t be easier, but if you do experience any problems at all with the sign-up process or making your first deposit, you can live-chat with experts who are waiting on the bet365 Help Desk to assist you with your registration. Alternatively, you can call or email with any queries you might have.

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The opening mainpage layout of bet365 is simple, straightforward and efficient. The style and design are user-friendly, uncomplicated and give a great overview of all the markets, sports and casino games around the site. Navigating your way to your preferred sport or event couldn’t be easier. The site offers in-play betting, live scores, video coverage, live poker and bingo, the bet365 casino and a whole host of other interactive features. Finding your way around the site is fun, quick and straightforward, leaving you free to concentrate on picking the winners!


The bet365 site offers a huge variety of sports, events and markets to bet on and there is a wide range of wagers that can be placed. A range of betting markets is available for almost all of the many events that bet365 covers. All the major sports are featured, including football, horse racing, basketball, cricket, ice hockey and tennis. bet365 enables you to keep up to date with your favourite sports and offers a massive array of betting options on all of them.

The site also offers a popular up-to-the-minute live-betting feature that follows ongoing sporting events from around the globe. This means that there are hundreds of ways to place a bet on all kinds of live events from around the world 24 hours a day. Also keep an eye out for regular bonuses, promo features and deals that pop up form time to time on the site. There are also many poker, bingo and casino game options to try out, all of which are easy to use, fun and fully interactive. You can even bet on ‘special’ events, such as talent shows, sports awards and even elections!

Use MAXBETS in the code box to get bonus when signing up for BET365 for your bonus!


The bet365 casino is a fun and interactive place where you can play all manner of card games, bingo, slots and roulette games! The slot ‘machine’ options include such fun titles as Monty Python’s Life of Brian, Rocky, The Pink Panther and Marvel Comics superheroes Iron Man, Captain America, Fantastic Four and The Hulk. As well as slot machines to suit all tastes, the bet365 casino also houses a classic range of card and table game options. Play pontoon, poker, classic hold ‘em and blackjack card games or hit the gaming tables for craps, roulette – or even multi-wheel roulette of your nerves can take it!

For those who prefer the personal touch, there are also live games featuring real-life dealers. Live roulette and baccarat are both streamed live for you to pit your gambling wits against a human rather than a machine!

bet365 Racing

Whether it’s sports betting or racing, bet365 has every thing to place a bet on! Even though they focus in Great britain and Ireland majorly but they do offer odds round the globe for a variety of race meets.

THE bet365 APP

Any bet365 bookmaker review has to include the company’s great mobile phone app. As well as the MAXBETS bet365 bonus code UK giving new customers a 100% boost on their initial deposit, joining up via your mobile will net you another £50 to spend on top of that! As welcome as that generous offer is, it’s just one of the great features of this great app, which is available from the bet365 download page. This highly-rated app is free to install and available for iOS, Android and various other mobile devices.

The user interface is clean, streamlined, easy to use and reflects all of the many markets and events on the bet365 website. Up-to-date scores, streaming video and live events can be enjoyed from your mobile device, with all the information laid out clearly – even on smaller screens – so that you can navigate your way to your chosen sport with ease. All the functionality of the website is present and correct on the bet365 app, from in-play to live odds and the app also flags up offers, bonuses, offers and coupons that will allow you to enjoy betting on more of your favourite sports and events.

Betting with bet365

It offers a huge list of alternatives to pick from. If you’re a sports lover and also have some unique events in the mind then, keep an eye on bet365! It actually has some best betting possibilities for sports associated with Golfing, bicycling etc.

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bet365 is one of the leading online bookmakers in the world, hosting bettors from across the UK. With over 14 million users, bet365 is a prominent player on the betting landscape, providing sports betting that is offered in over 200 countries. The continued success of bet365 means that it has become the go-to place for serious and casual gamblers alike and the most visited online sports betting site.

bet365 offers a wide array of events, markets and sports for customers to choose from. bet365’s great live betting facility also allows users to keep up to date with live events as they happen. Football and tennis are two of the more popular sports featured, but others include basketball and American football, as well as horse racing. There are many live events to choose from every day, with feeds offering detailed information, statistics and previous head-to-head form. Events such as football matches can have up to 100 markets to choose from, all of which are maintained live during each event. Also keep your eye out for the occasional bet365 free bet offer!


Betting on sport has seen a massive surge in the UK and Europe in recent years as an increased number of dedicated channels have expanded live coverage of all kinds of sports. In response, online bookmakers now offer odds on an ever-increasing variety of sporting events. Betting can be exciting and fun, but the more you know about the bet you’re making the more likely you are to stand a chance of winning – and that’s always way more fun than losing, no? With that in mind, here’s a guide to some of the ways you can bet on your favourite sports:

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As you will know, football is by some margin the most popular sport on the planet. Indeed, over 50% of all sporting wagers are placed on soccer matches. Bookies offer a variety of different ways to bet on football. Here are some of the more popular available markets:


The aim of this bet is to predict who will be the winner of a game after 90 minutes. Or if the game will end a draw. Around 28% of all matches across worldwide leagues finish in a draw after 90 minutes of regulation play. Bear in mind that extra-time is not a factor when betting on the outcome of a football match. As you might expect, home wins make up more than half of results, meaning most home teams are the favourites.


An Asian Handicap bet means that you back a team with either a head start or handicap. Here, the purpose of the handicap is to normalise the chance of each side winning and therefore encourage more equalised betting on each side. Asian Handicaps do away with the idea of the draw and mean there can only be two outcomes.


Just like all other sports fans, bettors (generally!) prefer that something will happen rather than that something won’t happen. Unless something’s gone terribly wrong, the most significant event in any game of football is the scoring of a goal. Betting in this market is based around at least two goals being scored – one for each team. Statistics and form can be especially useful in making decisions here.


This is a good long-term bet as it keeps excitement levels up for a whole season. This type of bet relies on predicting the winners of a number of leagues. In England this would be the Premier League, the Championship and Leagues One and Two. The combined odds for predicting them all can make for a big win from a small layout.


Combining a collection results over a day or match weekend can rack up some serious accumulated odds if you’ve backed the right short-priced clubs. Previous restrictions on how many home teams you are allowed to pick have been relaxed and singles are also now permitted.


This is a bet that can provide decent odds but there are simply too many variables at play to make it a truly workable market. Scoring statistics are obviously helpful but bookies employ large margins in their odds. Be careful not to bet with your heart and not your head – your favourite player isn’t going to score every week!


This is another wager with way too many factors. You could be better of putting your money on a lottery ticket! Substitutions, injuries, wonder goals, last-minute penalties – all can change a result at the death of a match. Get the score right though at the right odds though, and you could be looking at a nice little windfall.

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Horse racing has long been the traditional betting sport in the UK. Online bookmakers now place more focus on sports such as football, but almost all still offer a full stable of horse racing markets. Here are a few of the most popular type of horse racing bets:


This is purest racing bet. Just pick the first horse past the post! Easy, huh?


In an each way bet, you must back a horse to win a race and also to be a placed horse. The number of horses that are covered by an each way bet will depend on how many runners there are in the race and the type of race they are running. The odds for the place part of the bet are divided using those same factors.


Exotic bets are more usual to pool betting. Here the payout is based on the the amount bet into a common pool. In the UK, the Tote offers Jackpot and Placepot bets on UK horse racing. These bets rely on the bettor predicting the result of the first six races on a day’s card – either to win or for a horse to be placed.


Ante post betting is all about betting ahead on the results of future races. The odds will often be more seductive, but be warned – if a horse you have picked fails to run in a particular race, your bet is considered to be lost. Ante post markets tend to be most popular with punters before the big races on the calendar – the Grand National, the Classics and the CHeltenham Festival.

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In-play tennis betting has really taken off in recent years, with most matches streamed live or screened on the ever-growing number of sports channels. Here are the most popular tennis markets:


Fairly self-explanatory, this one! Bookmakers offer odds for individual players to win a particular tournament. Odds are set before the tournament starts and are updated after individual matches have been won or lost.


This is a straight-up two-way bet on which player wins a particular match. Injuries and disqualifications, though rare, may trigger clauses in the bet, but many companies will settle the bet if your player makes the next round, no matter how he got there!


Tournament matches are split into sets of three or five sets. A set winner must win six games (and have an advantage of two games) to win a set. If the score reaches six games each, a tie-breaker settles the set.


Sets are won by the first player to win six games (and are leading by two games) so there can be many results within a single set of tennis. If a set is tied at six games each, a tie-breaker is then played to decide the winner. The winner of this tie-breaker wins the set with the score of seven games to six.

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Basketball as a sport is hugely more popular in Europe than in the UK. America’s National Basketball Association (NBA) is very popular with bettors, but bookmakers also offer odds on all the big European leagues, as well as the Euroleague – the basketball version of football’s Champions League. Here are some of the main basketball markets:


The ‘money line’ is a US betting term which is simply the equivalent to the term ‘match winner’ – used in football, tennis and so on – in the UK. Here, however, bets can be placed on the winner after regular time to include the possibility of a tie, or who will be the winner after a period of overtime (the equivalent of ‘extra time’ in football) which will have one of two possible outcomes. Bettors can also bet on which team will win a single quarter – this is a three-way bet including in which one of the two teams will win or the quarter will end tied on points.


A handicap is a tool bookmakers employ to even-up the odds in games that feature teams that are unevenly matched in order to make betting more favourable – the odds on big, big favourites against massive underdogs are sometimes not so attractive, after all! A handicap is dependent on the ‘money line’ (match winner). The shorter-priced the favourite is, the greater amount of points they have gain in order for the handicapped bet to have a chance of paying off.


Ante post betting in basketball usually means that the bettor has to correctly pick the ultimate winners of the NBA Championship and of each individual Conference. Most bookmakers also cover all the big leagues in Europe, as well as the Euroleague, in which the best teams from around the continent battle it out to become European Champions.


bet365 offers a wide range of banking and deposit options. No payment is required to deposit funds and your money is transferred in an instant. bet365 accepts credit cards, PayPal, cheque, wire transfer, Moneybookers, bank transfer, Neteller and Ukash as well as many, many more payment methods.

And remember, when you make that first payment, the bet365 bonus code will match your initial deposit up to £200! With an extra £50 on top of that if you sign up through the bet365 app!!


Once you have made a winning bet, you’ll be keen to access the winnings in your bet365 account! It will depend on which of the huge range of withdrawal method you choose, transferring your winnings from your bet365 account will take between four hours to two-to-three days.

Bet365 withdrawal time conforms to the industry norm and is predicated on the time it takes to perform a normal bank transfer. It should be noted once again that certain terms and conditions pertain to withdrawing monies from certain bets related to your bet365 bonus code offer.

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To Place A Bet

With bet365, it is quite very simple. If you have your best event to bet on, please click on the odds (which would open up your betting slip). Now enter the betting amount and confirm it, which would in return get you the betting slip!

Tools and Features

The various tools and attributes are certainly intended for your better overall performance. They possess a statistical user interface based on wagering, league form , horse racing and so forth. Other than this, they usually have live scores, live sound & video coverages of several sports. If this is not more then, you should check out the bet365 casinos for a couple of great play!

Introducing ‘Close Bet’ Feature

The time to greet a fresh function, ‘close bet’! Therefore, it’s possible now to cash on some specific bets long before settling those genuinely. The option is however not applicable for every single game.


Offering a huge range of sports, markets, leagues, events, casino games and in-play options, bet365 is trustworthy, well designed and fun to use. There is also the huge plus of the bet365 welcome offer, which matches new customers’ initial deposits up to a limit of £200.

Mobile betting (with an extra £50 on top for new mobile customers). Live streaming and especially good mobile functions add to the experience, and with 30 years in the business, you know you are in very good hands!

Use MAXBETS in the code box to get bonus when signing up for BET365 for your bonus!

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